10th scale scratch-build Daleks

These models were made some time ago, long before digital cameras were available. Therefore, I didnít take many pictures of their construction.
They were made from the plans in the Dr Who Technical Manual. I photocopied the plans and cut out the cross sections to use as templates.
The models are made from styrene sheet, bits of brass and aluminium tube, and lots of EMA hemispheres. I know that they shouldn't be full hemispheres on the skirt, but the idea of sanding 112 of them down by the same amount was too much. So I decided to stick them on as they were.
The dome of the dalek with the mesh, was made from laminated layers of styrene sheet, then filed and sanded to shape. The ears are LEDís and light up. The dome of the other dalek was made by heating up a sheet of styrene and pulling it over a former. It was then finished off by filing and sanding.
The colour and style of the models represent the very first daleks, and daleks from later in the 60ís.

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