Thunderbirds Red Arrow

The red arrow was seen in the Thunderbirds episode “Edge of Impact”. The two prototypes didn’t have much luck, as they both crashed after being sabotaged by the Hood.
The aircraft is basically a Saab Draken with B 58 Hustler engines added.

The Kits

The engines are from a Revell 1/94 scale hustler kit. I had one of these, and the joins and detail match perfectly. It was no great problem finding the Saab Draken kit, as there was only one kit of the right scale available. This was the Lindberg 1/48 scale Draken.
Note: this kit was also available as the Jet Dragon. The two kits are identical, except they are moulded in different colour plastic.


The landing gear doors were fixed in place, and a few holes (for the weapons pod) filled in. I left one hole, and fixed a tube above it with a cap on. This could be used as a mounting point for the final display.
The outboard engines of the B58 were assembled and glued to the tail plane. These only needed a little bit of shaping to fit.
The two halves of the plane were stuck together and the wings attached.
Note that the pilots seat has to be fixed in position before the top and bottom are put together, as it wont fit through the gap afterwards.

The inboard engines of the B58 were shaped to fit the wing, then glued and pinned in place with superglue.

One of the models in the episode had an angled tube at the back. I decided to have this feature on my model.
Luckily I had some plastic tube of the right size available. This was cut to shape and a plastic wheel glued inside. A tube was fixed to the wheel, and after wrapping some masking tape around it, plenty of epoxy was poured in. This part was then fixed in place with more epoxy glue. This would be a useful mounting point for painting the model, and possibly for finally displaying it.


The model was first covered with Halfords grey primer. The body was masked off, and the engines coated with Vauxhall Star Silver.

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