Eagle 3

I didn’t intend to build a third 44” eagle so soon, but all the parts needed to make one became available through Eagletransporter.com, and I couldn’t resist.
I had a Jim Small Lab pod already built. I also got a command module from Jim Small, which is a resin version of the Chris Trice one.
The major part that started the build off was the BixKits resin framework and engines. Once I saw the quality if this and how quickly it would go together, I started the third eagle build before I even finished the second.
Paul Gray has managed to get engineered many pieces: such as a complete aluminium engine and sensor set, chemiwood side pods, walkways and engine bottles, and a complete set of landing gear made from brass and aluminium.
I also managed to get laser cut perspex walkways and main pod pieces. (from Dakota_in_the_sky at Eagletransporter.com).
Therefore, I wouldn’t have to scratch build anything for this eagle, just put together a set of parts, almost like a big kit.

Click on the pictures below to see the progress of each section.

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