Instead of scratch building the main pod on my first eagle, I took the easy way out and bought a resin kit from Jim Small. This time I took the even easier way out and bought a completed pod from Chris Trice. The pod is made from Perspex, has aluminium engine bells and brass and aluminium landing gear. It just needs to be painted.
I planed to have a lab pod for my eagle 2, but when Chrisís pod became available I just had to have one that was made from the same materials as the original. I had already got a lab pod from Jim Small, so I decided to put it together and maybe put it in eagle 1, or build an eagle 3 for it.
As usual with stuff from Jim, the mouldings were excellent. But it was going to be a bit more complicated to put this together than a standard pod.
The first thing was to reinforce and stiffen up the resin parts. I did this by gluing plywood and softwood strips inside the main parts with Araldite two-part epoxy.
Plywood was glued inside the bottom of the outriggers so that the engine bells could be screwed to this at a later stage.
Two layers of plywood were stuck together and the ends cut at an angle to fit inside the outriggers. These were then stuck in place. The outriggers were the glued and screwed in place using square plywood washers to spread the load.
Wooden strips were glued in the top part of the outriggers to strengthen the joints.
The end piece on the top was then fixed in position.
The ends of the pod were drilled and pinned with brass rod. Then the two halves were glued and clamped together, making sure everything was square.
When the glue had set, I reinforced the ends with some more plywood.
You can see from the picture opposite of the original pod, that the whole bottom detaches not just the base plate.
I decided that on mine, the base plate only would detach, as with a standard pod. So the bottom strips were glued in place.
Next, strips of wood were glued in place to support the top of the pod, which was made from thick styrene sheet.
The resin copies of the kit parts were glued to the base plate, and the aluminium engines temporarily bolted in place.
The landing gear comes in two parts. They were cleaned painted and bolted together.

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