For the long tanks I used 44mm EMA hemispheres and tube.
I made some u-shaped brackets from brass box sections which were bolted to the hemispheres at one end of the tanks. For the other end I got some aluminium pieces which were turned by a friend of mine.
The middle of the long tanks needed to have a larger diameter, but the next size tube up from 44mm was too big so I increased the diameter by gluing thin layers of styrene around it.
I cut the styrene a bit wider and longer than needed. Superglue gel was applied to half the area, and the styrene was clamped in place. When the glue had dried, I cut off the extra length and made sure I had a good joint. Then the rest was glued and clamped in place.
After three layers were fixed, I sanded the ends flat.
The spherical tanks were made from two 38mm hemispheres stuck together. They had a 3/16 hole drilled at one end and a smaller one at the other.
These then attach to the 3/16 brass tube supports on the frame.
The turned aluminium pieces were fixed to the hemispheres using epoxy glue. Long bolts were fixed through the aluminium using J-B Weld. The tanks were then glued together and permanently fixed to the framework by bolts at one end, and gluing the aluminium to the inside of the brass rings.
A nut and spring washer then holds on the main engine bells.
The main engine bells are from Jim Small. You can see a comparison picture of these with the bells used on my eagle 1, which were from the 44" A-B eagle kit.
The pipe work is based on Eagle 2 as it is now, but is not exactly the same.
I got some EMA t-sections, but decided to custom make the parts in aluminium. This meant that I could make them fit the curve of the hemispheres better. All the aluminium parts were stuck together using superglue.
For the piping on the spherical tanks, I used the same EMA parts as that used on the original.
The baffles inside the engine bells are from the Airfix Saturn 5 kit. There is only one part in each kit, which would make it very expensive if I used original parts. Luckily I got four resin copies of the part I needed.
I stuck some EMA tube to the back of the baffles with epoxy glue. I then drilled out the inside of the tube to the same diameter as the bolts that hold the engine bells on. The bolts had to be cut down so that the baffles would go far enough inside the bells.
After painting, the baffles will just be pushed in place and held with Blu-Tack or something, so that the bells can still be removable.

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