The original passenger pod was made from Perspex sheet. See Eagle one restoration by David Sisson. It was my intention to make the pod as the original, but I was told that a   Jim Small   resin pod would be indistinguishable from a Perspex one when painted. I decided to save some time and ordered a pod.

It came in five main pieces, with some thick styrene sheet for the top, and a bag full of bits for the landing gear and gemini kit parts (Picture 1).
The mouldings were excellent. The resin was soft and easy to work with, there were no bubbles or pits or broken bits off corners etc, which has been my experience with some resin kits. As the resin was quite soft it needed siffening up. I stuck some plywood in place using epoxy glue (picture 2).
The two sides of the pod were glued to the end (door) pieces (pictures 3 and 4). To strengthen the joints, I drilled some small holes and pinned them with thin brass rod.
Some strips of thick plastic card were stuck to the plywood at the top of the pod so that the roof had something to sit on. The roof was then stuck in place.

I had finished the framework over a year before I got the pod. So I was amazed and relieved that when I put the pod in the frame, it fit perfectly (picture 5).

The pod is held in place with two metal plates, which are fixed with a single bolt through each one (picture 6).
To fix the bottom in place I simply had to drill some holes and use some small countersunk screws. I only used two at each end to start with (picture 7), but the bottom piece had a slight bow in it. So I added two more screws in the middle to pull it in place.
The landing gear that came with the pod was fine, but I didnít bother to put it together, as I already had a set of gear from Chris Trice (picture 8). The only preparation I had to do with the gear was to tighten the bolts and cut them to length. Then they were cleaned with wire wool and painted. I used grey acrylic car primer with matt black for the bottom and finished with gloss varnish (picture 9).
The detail of the windows (or solar panels, or whatever they are) was done with thin styrene sheet. It was first cut to fit the shape of the recesses, then the three windows were cut out. The pod was painted in the same manner as the command module. You can see in picture 10 the matt black of the windows already done, and the first coat of grey primer.
The landing gear was stuck in place with epoxy, and the engine bells were bolted in place. The insides of the bells were painted matt black with a satin varnish finish (picture 11).
Finally, the gemini kit parts were painted satin black and stuck in place. Here is the finished pod (note: without the metal plates that hold it in the frame).

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