The aluminium engines bells are the same as those in the A-B 44 eagle kit (picture 1).
Note the two sizes of VTOL engines (picture 2).
The long tanks were made from 45mm EMA tube and hemispheres. To make the centre of the tanks a larger diameter, I wrapped some thin styrene sheet around it. I used three thin layers and stuck it with super glue gel (picture 3). An end piece was put in place which had a nut attached with epoxy (picture 4). The main engine bells could then be bolted to the tank (picture 5). The hemisphere at the other end had a bracket bolted to it. These were made from brass box section.
Picture 6 shows my first attempt at the engine frame. I tried bending brass stripes for the ends, but it was too difficult to make them perfectly circular. I eventually got some turned brass rings from Chris Trice (picture 7).
The rest of the frame was soldered together and sprayed with cellulose car primer (pictures 8 and 9). Note the 3/16 brass rods that the spherical tanks are fixed to.
The bits on the frame that the long tanks attach to are 3/16 brass tube. They were soldered in place and then filled with car body filler. The piping detail was made from various diameter aluminium tube (pictures 10 and 11). The spherical tanks were made from 38mm EMA hemispheres (picture 12). The pipe-work is EMA tube and bends (picture 13).
To hide the bolt heads in the engine bells, I cut some styrene sheet and stuck it in place with epoxy (picture 14).
The inside of the bells were sprayed with matt black acrylic. They were then masked off, and the rest of the structure sprayed with grey primer (picture 15). The panels were done in the same way as the rest of the eagle, and the decals were added. These were JBOT DECALS (picture 16).
The finished engine section.

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