Eagle Transporter

The Eagle Transporter is one of my favourite fictional space craft. From the 1970's series Space 1999, its design is very realistic, as well as good looking. Because the design is so semetrical (usually about two axis) I only had to build a quarter of each module and then use mirror and copy functions to complete the model. It took me about two months working in my spare time to finish the model.

Click on the pictures below to see larger versions.

3 eagles over moon Eagle and moon rover Eagle take-off Eagle rescue

Cargo Eagle

In the first episode of SPACE 1999 (Breakaway ), a few variations of the eagle where seen. First was an eagle carrying a cargo of nuclear waste. Then to break up the nuclear pile, eagles with a pod containing a winch were used. The new pod is available on my download page. Both variations can be made from the one mesh by removing the winch structure and copying the waste container as many times as needed.

Cargo eagle Cargo eagles with winch Cargo eagle with winch

Metamorph Eagle

In the first episode of season 2 (The Metamorph ) a modified eagle was used. It had extra boosters on the top of it's frame and a pod with extra side pieces. An eagle in this configuration was only seen in the Metamorph episode, even though eagles with just this type pod were used in other episodes of both series. The pod and boosters are available on my meshes page.

Metamorph eagle Metamorph eagle

Eagle re-build

I've rebuilt quite a bit of the eagle making it more detailed and accurate. The rear engine assembly has been completely rebuilt, and so has all the engine bells on the pods and boosters, also the bottom ones on the eagle. More detail has been added to the out-riggers and more coloured stripes on the framework. The front side panels in the command module were too curved, so the front of the command module has been altered.

More improvements and Moon Buggy

The side and end doors of the pod have been re-built. They now have surface maps and door frames. The same has been done for the doors leading to the pod from the main eagle body. Also some detail has been added to the inside of the framework and both ends of the eagle. I,ve also built the moon buggy used in the series. I think it helps to give an idea of the scale of the eagle in the pictures.

Eagles in hanger Eagles in hanger

Crash sequence

This is a sequence of pictures showing the crash and rescue of an eagle on the moon surface.

crash sequence1 crash sequence2 crash sequence3 crash sequence4 crash sequence5

OK lets start again. Complete Eagle re-build

My original eagle model was based on a set of drawings from Starlog Magazine. These plans were also reproduced in other magazines and books, but unfortunately they are wrong. There was so much wrong with the model that it was not worth trying to correct it. Therefore, I re-built the model from scratch. In fact the only parts I used from the original model were the doors and some small detail from the main pod.

The new model is based on The Ultimate eagle Blueprints by Roberto Baldassari as well as photos of original 44" eagle miniatures. It is more detailed than my original model.

nhanger survey1 survey2 survey3 survey4 survey5 exodus1
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