Dr Who

The first 3D model I made was a Dalek in povray (see povdal.jpg below), when I moved on to 3D studio a Dalek was the first model I made again. Because it is relatively easy to make, I found it was a good model to make to learn a new software package. There are several versions at the moment, 60's and 70's television ones, some 1960's film versions, and one from the 1960's comic strips and dalek books.

Click on the pictures below to see larger versions.

60's comic book dalek Dalek in Thames 3 TV Daleks 4 Movie Daleks Dalek fires weapon Dalek and Tardis Dalek space ship PovRay dalek and tardis

A 3ds model of the tardis was sent to me by Christopher Gill, I was so impressed at how realistic it looked that I took the surface maps from his model and used it on mine. In the picture of the 3 tardis below, the one on the left is by Christopher Gill, the one on the right is my original model, and the one in the middle is mine re-worked with the tif files from Christopher's model.

3 Tardis
Dalek Book cover The cover of the Dalek Book which one of my models was based on.

New Dalek Design

Here are a few pictures of my new dalek design. You may note that it has elements from the comic book daleks.

newdalek1 newdalek2 newdalek2
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