Miniature Moon Bug 320mm

To create the larger bug model, I started with the original smaller model and scaled it up. I had to do a bit of work on the main body. I put in a bulkhead and re-built the doors. I then built the console, seats, figures and the window frame.

I built the bugdozer first (moon dozer eleven).
The body, tyres, and suspension were printed in polymide. The consol parts, seats and doors were printed in standard resin. Fine detail plastic was used for all the other prints.
For the windows 1.2mm clear plastic (PETG) was used.

The seats were printed in three parts, so that I wouldn't have to mask off areas for painting.
The figures were made in four parts. The body, head, helmet and visor. I sanded the visors with fine wet and dry, then dipped them in pledge floor gloss. They weren't completely clear, but you could see the faces inside.

I made the shovel from plastic card and brass strip. It was a simple shape, and cheaper than getting it printed. The shovel arm was made from brass and aluminium tube. The cutting teeth were made from thin plastic sheet.

The other bug build (moon bug seven), was basically the same as the bugdozer. I remodeled the windows to make the frames a bit thinner. This time I printed the window frame in polymide. The bottom part of the body was made from plastic sheet. Again, this was cheaper than getting it printed. The floor panel was originally plastic sheet. I replaced this with textured aluminium sheet.

Here are the finished models.

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